Sage Advice from a Homeless Man: Patriot Games

Here’s some sage advice for you: Silence is golden, unless it is not.

Don’t believe me? Then go fuck yourself, that is what.

For example, Al Davis accused the Patriots of cheating recently. Of course, we know that the Patriots may have video taped the Jets, but what we can also assume here is that Al Davis had gay sex with Bill Belicheck and is using the classic “blame the victim” defense.

The Patriots didn’t need to “interfere” with negotiations with Randy Moss. Unless the Raiders were offering sex slaves and $1 Billion in straight cash, homey, Moss was going to be out quicker than a roofied supermodel. (p.s. – is that the correct way to use roofie as a verb?)

Even still, based on how well Al Davis picks his players, those sex slaves would probably be nothing more than Al himself giving handjobs through a glory hole in the locker room stalls. (not that those can’t be good…)

Anyways, the point I’m making is that we assumed that even someone with a sordid reputation such as Belichick was innocent…that is, until he denied it, thus substantiating Davis and his claims, however crazy.

Before long, Al Davis is going to take a page from the Sarah Palin playbook and make Belichick pay for his own rape kit.

(Let’s rape abortion in the bud… that is the expression, right?)

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