Top 10 Coaches with the Most Capital (An Election Day Special)

Now that our country has chosen its next leader, much is always made in the coming weeks about just how much political capital the president-elect has to spend. Which got me thinking . . . . Which people in sports – specifically which coaches – currently enjoy the most capital?

Call it plain old job security if you will, what’s important is that we’re moving beyond the tired, nearly impossible debate over who are purely the best coaches and introducing a new variable you can sink your teeth into: context. Obviously a coach going .500 at Kentucky hoops is going to be less secure than a first year coach that brings his squad from the cellar to respectability.

You’ll notice that more college coaches make the list than pro. This is to be expected as the professional level is even more of a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately business. Finally, I should mention that I gave very little consideration to hockey because it is extremely boring and on the verge of becoming irrelevant.

Pete Carroll (USC)

You gotta figure – with how much he’s done for that program that quickly – he’s got at least 3 consecutive shitty seasons before there are even whispers.

Mike Krzyzewski (Duke)

This man will decide when his career at Duke is over. Period.


I'll leave when I'm good and ready, dammit


Ben Howland (UCLA)

Waiting just two years before ripping off 3 straight Final Four appearances will get the boosters behind you in a hurry.

Jeff Fisher (Titans)

They stuck with him through some mediocre years. Here’s betting they keep him around for next year with the way this season’s shaping up in this small-market, small-pressure serene Southern city.

Gregg Popovich (Spurs)

Also a beneficiary of a smaller-market, lower-pressure environment. Also a beneficiary of 4 titles in 10 years.


We're going to be spending an obscene amount of coaching capital

Bill Belichick (Patriots)

Even with last season ending in monumental disaster and even with some of the Beli-genius aura being tarnished this year in the absence of the Golden Boy and even with Spygate . . .

Nick Saban (Alabama)

Say what you want about his ethics. He can flat-out coach.

Phil Jackson (Lakers)

How To Fire A Guy With 9 Championship Rings

1. Don’t.


Or did I fire you?


Urban Meyer (Florida)

Win a national championship in your second season as coach and you’re good for a while.

Roy Williams (UNC)

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