The Hi-Jacking of the BCS

And am I the only one that noticed that FOX just semi-got-away-with what can only be called broadcast hi-jacking when it started exclusively broadcasting the BCS championship games in 2007?

Now, when I say “exclusive” I don’t just mean they’re the only network covering those games – I mean those are the only games they cover all season. You know, just the most important ones.

There’s no building up of “equity” in the announcers for the viewers or “continuity” over the course of a season – let’s just run a bunch of ads with a Trojan, a gator, and a giant buckeye chasing a BCS trophy in a Toyota© truck bed. That should get ’em amped.

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Is anyone alive out there?!! Can anyone hear me?!!

I hate conspiracy theorists but can we stop and question something for a moment here: Why do the Colts and Patriots play each other every year? . . . Anyone? . . . . No? . . . Well I did the research – here’s the link: – and they do.

Now, we know that NFL scheduling – with one noteworthy exception – goes as follows: you play every team in your division twice, you exhaustively play some other division (changing every year), and then you’re handed a few other teams at random. . . yet the Patriots and Colts have played each other every year since 2003.
Of course, we know this is all about the NFL’s cabbage – I’m just saying that if I were a fan of either of these teams, I’d be pissed. In an incredibly competitive league where that one extra loss can cost you all-important home-field advantage in a playoff game, it matters. How would Yankees and Red Sox fans feel if Bud Selig suddenly said that those teams – two reliably good ones – were going to face each other twice as often each year while the Orioles, Rays, and Blue Jays slugged it out? Rick Adelman”s 2002 Sacramento Kings Western Conference Finals squad thinks the Colts and Pats are getting jobbed . . .

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