Top 5!… Worst NHL Jerseys

There has been a lot of talk on Superawesomesportsawesomeblog.Nice about how great some NHL jerseys are. The vintage throwback days of the original six teams are still arguably the best vintage jerseys of any professional sport, and the current NHL trend of paying homage to those vintage roots has made many teams uniforms that much better and more memorable.

But alas, there is also a dark side in the NHL. That dark side occured during the late 80’s and early 90’s. This is what happened.

5. Milwaukee Admirals:

Yikes. What i like most about this jersey is that is multipurpose. It can be both a picnic blanket and a great clubbing shirt if you hang out with the lumberjack crowd. On long road trips, you can also use it as a travel checkers board. The subtle blend of checkered shitty browns really make you appreciate how easy blind people have it some times…

4. Los Angeles Kings:

Arguably the gayest of all NHL jerseys. Not only does it have glitter, silver sparkles and a FABULOUS purple tone, the women’s jersey’s with “girlie” colors dont look too much different.

3. St. Louis Blues:

If Paula Abdul has taught us anything, she taught us these two rules:
1. Opposites attract.
2. Having a cartoon cat mascot does not make anything better, even if it is to display polar duality of rule #1. Plus, it is kind of retarded.

2. Vancouver Canucks:

This one is so bad, it makes an appearance both as #2 and #1. The original Canucks jerseys were blue, green, and white, and had a green oval logo with a hockey stick in it. If you glance at it, it looks like a whale’s head. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, they decided that a much better idea is to ditch the logo, switch to Halloween colors, and just have a giant “V” on their chest. There are too many “V” jokes for me to even begin to make fun of this.

1. Vancouver Cancucks:

I mean… really?

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TOP 5!… erection-inducing moments of the week

5. Dustin Pedroia hitting two identical home runs to left field in the Home Run Derby, err, i mean, ALCS game 2 in Tampa Bay.

Not only did he blast two out to the same section of seats at Tropicana Field, he has pulled himself out of his early playoff slump and re-established himself as a dangerous batter at the plate. A run-producing Pedroia, with the speed of Ellsbury batting first, the Red Sox should be on the board every inning those two are up to bat.

4. The Arizona Cardinals calling timeout just milliseconds before the cardinals block what would have been the game ending kick from 52 yards. Timeout is rewarded, the cowboys re-kick, and Folk nails a 52-yarder to send the game to OT. Short-lived momentum, but that could have been the game for Cardinals with that useless attempt to ice a kicker.

3. The NHL is back and the Boston Bruins are good. Not that I don’t love seeing the Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox doing well and winning championships, I’d rather see the Cup hoisted by the Black n’ Gold.

2. How much fans in LA love Manny Ramirez. He could rape a retarded 3-year old boy and the only punishment he’d get is having to sign an autograph for that retarded child. Either that, or just hit a Home Run against the Phillies in the NLCS. Seems pretty even-handed, right? I mean, the guy is hitting .450 in the playoffs. That is unheard of.

1. Frank Gore giving my fantasy team a much needed boost on Sunday. 101 yards rushing and a touchdown on a very outmatched 49ers team… those are stats i desperately needed against a guy with McNabb as his QB.

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